insomnias a mutha fuken biotch.


So I just accidentally took a lil to much ambian and you no what….Well duh I woke up. lol. well I havnt goon to sleep yet so I guess the jokes on me if I just don’t wakeup tomorrow. hahahahaha. But no it jus seems right now that im like in a dream.  I was told they will help me sleep, but guess what ambian ? ADHD-1 & AMBIAN-0. and this was supposed to be a last result kinda thing. and a fifth of wiskey seems to work a lot better then this so called sleeping pill of death. And as a matter of fact that brings me to my ultament  point……………. fuck this space bar jus keeps fucking with me……..ahhh……

Ok back to the point so why prescribe this medication.  Is it really as dangerous as we are told?  Anwser  yes it is and I could totally tell you all the famous people that have died from perscriptions. but I mean its just so fucking many that our time would be better spent by telling you that you to just stay away from the drug completely. OK stop three hours and this is how far iv gotton. this things are actualy hard to write right now ya know man… lol Holy shit I am like in deliurium.. Ok wel I am going to go start on some other shit ill get back to this eventually…

a dru

More shit to read!!!

Grants Pass Oregon how beautiful mainly when its not suffocating the living shit out of me with its beautifully intoxicating aroma of carbon monoxide/ burnt to shit pine tree scent I get everytime I step outside the door. But yes the great outdoors……fuck that shit….. I’d rather be in a night club, titties and booze all around. I mean don’t get me wrong I love being in the woods. You can shoot guns do drugs and go 4×4 all the time. But nothing is better then being in a club getting ur buzz on and having a  hot ass half naked beezy ask u if she can put your face in her tits. What would u rather happen? Are u even reading this? and If so, what am I talking about. Wow I must be bored to ust talk to a fucking computer and actually expect an answer. No, on the rel im just doing this to waste to keep my ass out of jail. u see that’s my problem I seem to do better there. but….. Guess what yo?? I hate it there so maby instead of being a drug dealer with a bunch of superficial punk ass drug abuseing friends that will get me sent back up state . I will jus be another blogging asshole that is just speaking his mind to anyone that will read it. all tho I got to say, that my mom is one bad ass bitch, she is the the one that turned me onto this blogging shit and I kinda like it.  Well got to go. Peace out my fellow people.

Umm… I donno


If all of a sudden u fell off of a rock and hit your head. and some white dude with a beard that looks like he just smoked two joints flashed in front of you, what would you ask him.\? Would you ask something worth asking or something worth knowing? Or would u ask questions that even god himself would not know? I mean would you ask why we were here? or why he gave us poverty and sickness. Or would u bluntly ask why the fuck paris Hilton is so famous with such small boobs? these are things u should know. Cause if god showed up on my doorstep I know just what I would ask. Do you?

you see its things like this that most people don’t ever think of maby cause their too busy with work or children, or maby they simply have no imagination. And if you have no imagination, your worthless go kill yourself, and do it quickly and don’t say I told you it was ok to do. But your imagination can be the difference between being happy and being completely fucking miserable, so go ahead let it go wild don’t worry about what people say, or how they react to what you do or say, just make shur you have a smile while you do it. Let your freak flag fly. People will hate you for it but do you really care what any of these under achieving self righteous with their chin up yuppie pricks say. I know I don’t.

days go by.

Ok so one day I woke up and relised that my life is shit… you ever felt like that? Well I have. u wake up and jus feel like your back is falling apart, ur sleeping on a couch so it wont ever fucking get better. but since im out of ambian I get my skinny ass up to go make an omlett. and I swear this is word for word what happened. I get off the couch and imidiatly trip over my moms enourmose white dog, “which go figure its name is what? Fucking big white dog.”. So I trip over him and face plant into a jagged ass fucking brick wall. At that point I get up pissed as fuck and chase the dog outside and when I do this the dog gets scared shitless and runs away and when he does he steps on my longboard and go’s skateing across my moms floor and knocks all the pictures off the wall. That’s jus sweet cause now m gunna hear the wrath for it. Ok now im real mad but mostly at myself cause I fucking chased him and it was my fucking skateboard I left out. so I decide to burn down. I mean what would u do if you had bin up for five seconds and had a cut on ur face from tripping on some oversized dumb as an elephate dog that drools on everything. then saw that elephate of a dog go skateing off like some  fucking Scooby do that’s on the crackpipe, and in doing so knocks all the family photos off the wall. And guess what that’s not it lol. When I went to go make my cereal I drop the milk on the floor which not only do I have to clean up, but now I cant have cereal. FML!!!!

Why I jus told this stoy to the internet I really have no idea… maby nothing will happen, maby  i’ll  get rich and marry like some fucking insanely fucking hot chick have a Cadillac CTS-V all murdered out with black on black….or like my mom thinks i’ll end up in jail over it. An she really thinks I will. But me I don’t think any of that will happen. But then again I also thought id be able to breath when I went outside, but here in lovely Grants Pass Oregon nope I have a fucking forest fire a mile away from my moms house threatening to fuck my world up. To tell you the truth I don’t even know shit about the fires so anyone reading this let me know am I going to burn and die if I stay in Oregon I hope not cause I don’t wanna burn to death, that would hurt to much. I’d much rather die jumping out of a plane or getting blown to shit or something. Right? At least then you would be remembered a little. Personally I thnk everybody wants to be remembered in their life, and if not the you prolly don’t want to hang out with them cause they wont be doing anything worth remembering. if that makes sense to you. Wait does that make sense. You see me I will do something worth remembering, don’t ask me what I will do because I don’t have a answer, you see I like to jus play how its given. I try not to make arrangments cause then I cant ever fail or disappoint.  But when I do what ever im going to do I can tell you it will be biblical.